Just imagine if all the music business knowledge you needed was layered perfectly onto the real world in front of you...


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If I asked a bunch of people what their “dream job” was, how many do you think would say it was a music administrator? Probably not many...

Running a business is filled with challenges – but paperwork shouldn’t be one of them. What is the one tool in the music business you cannot live without?


Who keeps your backend running efficiently? Who knows the terminology, trends and technology? Who is the support system to the writing/production team, artist, manager, label, and executives?

You want a music administrator who enjoys doing everything necessary to keep your music business running smoothly. Someone who actually enjoys sweating the details. Your music can take you places. It can transport and inspire you, but to fully appreciate it you need a Music Administrator.

Your total solution for all your music business needs is closer than you think. iAMaSONGwriter offers a range of solutions for all your music business needs so you can focus on the one thing that truly matters – like creating music.